Manual Punishment (Vik/Stubo Book 1)

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  1. Punishment (Vik & Stubo 1)
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Punishment (Vik & Stubo 1)

A killer is on the loose. Three children have been abducted. The bodies of two returned to their mothers along with a desperately cruel note: You Got What You Deserved. Police Superintendent Adam Stubo is in charge of the investigation, and is convinced there's a crucial detail he's overlooking.

In a desperate bid to get some answers, he recruits legal researcher Johanne Vik, a woman with an extensive understanding of criminal history. With a chance that the third child is still alive the clock is ticking.

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Can the pair solve the case in time to save her? About the Author Anne Holt is Norway's bestselling female crime writer.

  • Series: Vik/Stubo.
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  • What Is Mine.
  • Punishment : Vik & Stubo : Book 1;
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  • Punishment : Vik & Stubo : Book 1 | Buy Fiction.
  • She spent two years working for the Oslo Police Department before founding her own law firm and serving as Norway's Minster for Justice between and She is published in 30 languages with over 7 million copies of her books sold. ENG Country of Publication: But when he tries to enlist Johanna to help him crack the case, she's resistant.


    However, when the bodies of the missing children start appearing in their family's homes with notes that say, "You got what you deserved," Johanna decides to help Stubo. While the rest of the Norwegian media is out hunting pedophiles,Stubo and Johanna manage to uncover a complex story of revenge.

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    Stubo and Johanna from one of the most original crime-solving teams ever. What is Mine Author s: Grand Central Publishing Availability: What Is Mine Author s: Little, Brown Book Group Availability: